Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday - the start of a new week

I woke up to Gretl crying on the floor. The clock said 6:30 (ish), it was still dark. The captain walked in all dressed for work and picked up Gretl. I was surprised he was still home. And even more surprised I could smell fresh baked banana bread. What possesed him to make banana bread before work? Then it hit me - It was still Sunday - 6:30 (ish) in the evening. Then I wondered what possessed him to back banana bread at all.

I hate it when that happens. That means I'm not going to be sleepy tonight when it's time for bed. I'll stay up too late and then be tired in the morning. Then I'll have to take a nap and then I'll be too sleepy to go to bed...

Our ward used to meet at 8:30 a.m. You may feel sorry for me and also feel impressed that I remained active for 7 months (I wasn't inactive for 5 months - we moved into this ward 7 months ago - don't judge). The Primary presidency used to take turns setting up the room the Saturday night before so once Sacrament meeting was over, we'd just walk in and get going. Now we are the second ward to meet and we enter the Primary to a jumble of chairs. I've tried sneaking out before the closing hymn to get the chairs in order, but I couldn't today. I was right in the middle of the bench and the entire Stake Presidency was visiting. Why? That, in itself, is reason to start a rumor!

So it was utter chaos when we got to the Primary room. I attempted to quiet the kids, along with the other leaders and teachers, but I finally gave up. I then turn around and 5 members of my family were sitting in the front of the room in the Presidency's chairs. The captain usually waits around to see if I need him to sub - and Liesl likes to come with me to Primary rather than Relief Society. She was holding Gretl who still had a runny nose and cough and he was throwing a fit because he wanted to go to Nursery but we wouldn't let him. Frederich was refusing to go to class since she is stuck with the "immature" 14 year olds and Brigitta - well, those of you who know him know he's a stubborn cuss. I shooed them all away and slowly, after the Primary kids found seats, the chaos diminished to the usual Primary "reverence". We are working with the ward before us on the room set up. I hope we get this worked out soon!

Liesl brought Gretl had to come home during church and she had this feeling she should check on Herr Casey. He was lying on the ground. As she approached she noticed his chain was wound in a tight ball and was pulling on his collar - basically choking him to death. He just laid there, hardly breathing. She was worried he was going to die on her. She worked for 15  minutes and was about to go get a neighbor or a pair of scissors, but she tried one last time and lifted his weak body up and pulled the collar off. He slowly got up and walked into the house to the bathroom and drank from the toilet forever. The wind has blown a section of our fence down so she couldn't put him back out so she left him to his toilet and closed the door. He seems fine now. I'm grateful she was impressed to check on him. Poor boy!

Well, it's actually been a nice Sabbath day, contrary to the picture I've just painted. We fed the missionaries dinner last night (fajitas - yum) and they brought an investigator to Sacrament Meeting today. I told them to let her know we don't normally sing the hymns that S...L...O...W... We'd hate to drive her away with our singing (we had a sub today). After the final hymn I looked at the sister sitting next to me and she made a face and gasped for air. I told her we were going to sing all 7 verses. You should have seen the face she made, ha ha.

Oh, speaking of Sacrament meeting - one more story - I promise. Have you ever choked on the sacrament water? And then you get the giggles because you're embarrassed? Then you can't stop giggling because... you've got the giggles? Well, Kurt was passing the sacrament and he choked on the water. You'd hear a choking cough and then see his shoulders rise and fall as he tried to stifle the giggles. The Bishop and Stake President were watching and chuckling, but here I am, getting the giggles. "Compose yourself! You're 40 years old! The mother of 7 children! Stop it!" But then as the cute, little deacon sitting next to Kurt would pat his back, I'd feel the giggles coming back on. All in all, I think Kurt remained in better control than I. Which is good - for him.

P.S. Feel free to refer to the side bar for faces to go with the names. It wasn't easy replacing their names. You'd think it wouldn't be so difficult since I am accustomed to calling them names other than their birth names, but I have high hopes that their new names will make you think better of my children and also give the impression that they are talented and well behaved. Most of all, I hope you think I am patient and accomplished with puppets. That's why I will now call myself Maria!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meet the Ruckus

I've decided to take the advice of Missy (but you can call her Bethany, though I sometimes call her Susan) and name my children after the talented von Trapp family. Why? Because of our talents? Because I've sewn play clothes out of curtains for my children? Because they speak only when spoken to and respond well to whistels? That could be it - but it might also have something to do with the fact that there were 7 kids. Sure, I have one more boy than the von Trapp's, and sure, they aren't in the right order - but the names just seem to fit my kid's personalities, don't you think?

Meet the Ruckus:
 Liesl & Rolf






& Gretl

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Blog for a New Year

I started blogging 2 years ago. I've recorded many memories, reconnected with many friends and made many new friends. But that's not all the good that has come from blogging - When we were looking into renting a home in this new state, the realtor actually Googled us and found my blog. He was prepared and composed by the time we pulled up in the "Mother Ship" and kid after kid filed out of the 15 passenger van. I was nervous we'd scare him away, but he already knew a little bit about us before we even showed up.

But I've heard the horror stories and been warned about sickos stalking the Internet. While only good has come from my blogging experiences, I've been concerned since I've posted all of my children's names and ages, along with pictures, birthdays, anniversaries, schools, cities, relatives, etc. I've Googled our names and it's kind of frightening the info that easily comes up. But I'd hate to go completely private. I've met some wonderful friends who've stumbled upon my blog and I know how exciting it is to find a friend from high school and to see what their up to. So, I've decided to make my old blog private and to have a new, public blog with a little more privacy.

Now I will just have to come up with a system to keep my kids straight. Nicknames? Numbers? Maybe we'll have a vote where you can all help me name my kids! As for me, I'm still Mom... but you can call me Dione.