Monday, February 22, 2010

Nineteen Days - but who's counting?

19 days! Yikes! I'm getting a little freaked out, here!
I've been putting off sewing. I'm not a big fan of it. It can be fun, if someone else cuts out the material and sets everything else out so all you have to do is sit down and sew. But then there's always the seam ripper. Forget it! I hate sewing!

I cut out the material for Allie's dress and started cutting out the material for mine. I'm not counting on mine looking good on me (since I couldn't find one at the department store that looked good on me) but I already bought the pattern and material so I'm gonna give it a shot. Wish me luck.

Let's not talk about the wedding anymore. It's making me nervous.

Let's talk about how I ran over a mailbox in the Mother Ship. First, let me just place some of the blame elsewhere... I'll need to back track a little... We finally sold our trailer. That's the good news. The bad news is we have to find a pace to store all the junk that was in the trailer. The Captain moved everything into the Mother Ship and hadn't had time to unload it yet so when Liesl and I were driving home from walking I decided to show her a home that was for sale (we're looking into buying a home here). Liesl warned me not to drive into the driveway, but she complains about my driving all the time so I just ignored her. After taking the Peeping Tom tour I was pulling out and BOOM! Stupid mail box.

In my defense, it was a very long driveway - all dirt and gravel - and I couldn't see in the rear view mirror because of all the stuff in the van. McKenna tried to put it back up, but to no avail. What to do? Do I leave a note on the box for the bank that owns the home? Do I high tail it outta there? I'll let you ponder on that. Now, how do I turn off the comments?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Three Things...

I was tagged by my cute cousin - I'd love to hear what other people have to say, so I tag you!

3 Names I go by:
Dione/Sister "von Trapp"/Nonnie

3 jobs I've had:
Tropical Sno/Ream's cashier/Nanny & Housekeeper

3 Places I've lived:
Winston-Salem NC/West Jordan UT/Richmond VA

3 Favorite Drinks:
Smoothies/Rootbeer/Ice water

3 Favorite TV Shows:
So You Think You Can Dance/American Idol/The Office

3 Favorite Movies:

3 Places I've Been:
Philmont/Williamsburg, VA/The Sacred Grove (NY)

3 Vacations I Dream About:

 3 People I Text Regularly:

3 Favorite Foods:
Wok King's General Jors Chicken/Cafe Rio's Pork Barbacoa Salad/Frozen Waffles

3 Favorite Books:
A Girl Named Zippy/The Education of Little Tree/The Little Lady Agency/ Life of Pi

3 Favorite Colors:
Maroon/Pink/Sky Blue

3 Hobbies:

3 Items in My Refrigerator:

3 Pet Peeves:
Chewing with your mouth open/Complainers/Meanies

3 Things I Do Every Day:
Brush my teeth/Check Facebook/Pray

3 Things I'm Good At:
Washing Dishes/Sleeping/Puzzles

3 Things I Wish I Was Good At:
Running/Cooking/Driving/Parking the Mother Ship

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

No socks, No shoes... Service!

Today I saw the funniest thing! It just made my day! There was a little boy in Primary who was wearing his cute little Sunday clothes, but not a thing on his feet. I didn't think too much about it because it's not unusual for kids to loose articles of clothing as the meetings wear on. But the Primary President told me the real story... first you should know that his mother just gave birth to her 4th son a few weeks ago (I believe he is the 2nd child). Well, as the family was filing out of the van for church they noticed their son had no shoes or socks on. They asked him where they were and he said he must have forgotten to put them on. So, they did what any parents of 4 young boys would do - they carried him into church.

Don't you just love it when parents have their 4th child? People always said it was such an adjustment with their 3rd, and maybe I had just prepared myself, but I didn't think it was so bad. Then again, I didn't have my first son until my 4th. I'm telling you, after my 4th was born I lost my mind! I couldn't remember a thing! And no one invites you over to their house any more. It's like you go from a cute little family to "They're not going to destroy my house". It doesn't matter that the 4th is a newborn that takes only 1 1/2 feet of space! It was at that point that I said, "What does it matter? I've lost my brain, my body and my friends. I guess I'll just have 7!"

I can just hear Dr. Phil saying, "And how's that working for you?"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Extra, Extra - Read All About It

First off, I'd like to say that I'm sick! I rarely get sick, and it's a good thing because I complain a lot. I just don't like it. What else is going on here? Oh! It's snowing! And when it snows here, school is either canceled or delayed. Such a funny state! Hold on while I go check to see if they've updated the closure list...

Lots of schools closing and delayed, but nothing here... not yet. That means I have to wake up in the morning and check. Did I mention I'm sick? Oh, that reminds me - This morning when I was getting the kids ready for school I was emptying out Britt (ugh, what's his name?) oh, Brigitta!... Brigitta's backpack and noticed a slip of paper that read, "Your current event day is on Wednesday". Maybe I should have checked his backpack yesterday. Oh well, not a problem. So, we Googled "Albuquerque News", found a TV station and proceeded to scan the headlines for a current event. There were plenty of current events - but which one would be most appropriate for a 3rd grader?

South Valley home invasions 

Two to three armed men have entered several homes in the South Valley, tying up the victims before ransacking the property.

Police plan third day of excavations 

After two days of digging in the garage of an Albuquerque home police still haven't found what they're looking for-- the body of a man missing since 2002.

Woman: Nude Photos Circulated Through Santa Fe PD
Mom Claims Teacher Slams Son's Head Into Desk

Celebrity Mug Shots
Unruly Passenger Blames Medical Pot Cookies
Woman accused of selling meth near kids 

Let's try the U.S. News:

Okay, World News?
    NZ Student Sells Virginity For $32,000

    Luckily I stumbled on a "feel-good" story about a little 3 year old girl who saw a news clip on Haitian children who had lost limbs in the earthquake (that's not the good part) and she ran to her closet and got her prosthetic leg and told her mom she was going to give it to the children in Haiti. Of course, there's probably a sad story about the leg...

    Leisl wanted me to mention that my "amazing (future) son in-law" is here visiting. He has a week off of work so he hopped in the car and they haven't stopped cuddling and kissing since. I was using the computer earlier today and throughout The Biggest Loser (taped) I kept hearing smacking noises. Freidrich can't handle it! She stormed off muttering "disgusting".

    Speaking of Freidrich, she leaves for Orlando tomorrow morning (assuming the plane can take off). Her dance team is competing in Nationals this weekend. They will do the DisneyWorld thing. Lucky! I've never been to DisneyWorld. Or Florida, for that matter.

    Oh, I almost forgot - I can't figure out how to make my old blog private. I clicked on the button that said something about only allowing the people I've invited to view my blog - but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Anyone?