Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who Dat?

If you thought that I would have more time to blog once the wedding was over - you were mistaken! I haven't had time to catch my breath! We brought a young man from Utah home with us for a week. He's a long time friend of the family and we had a great time showing him around ABQ. I've got some fun pictures I'll try to post once I get them downloaded. And after he left we had 2 days to prepare for Friedrich's Senior Trip to... New Orleans/N'awlins/NOLA/The Big Easy/Who Dat? Nation! Why? Of all the places to choose from... Well, the Captain had a business trip out here and Wicked was playing. Friedrich's wanted to see Wicked so bad!

So, we spent all day on Wednesday flying - or waiting in airports! John had a different flight than us. And Grandpa came along (remember he came with us to NYC/Boston for Liesl's Senior trip?). He's so fun. He creates a lot more memories on our vacations than if we just went by ourselves, but that's another post. In fact, this post is going to have to be another post because we're just about ready to go back to the French Quarter to get some beignets! We can't go home without trying them. Our flight doesn't leave here till 5:30ish. I am missing my kids, particualarly that youngest one (what's his name? It's not Brigitta. And that's probably not the right spelling anyway). I just don't like being away from my baby (who turned 3 this month). Speaking of birthdays - my Liesl is 20 today. I have one less teenager today. She and Rolf drove down here to babysit for us. Is that unconditional love or what? Technically still honeymooning and on her birthday now less! She's a good girl and she's married a good guy. I don't know what we would have done without them!

One thing's for certain, there's no place like home. And home is where my heart (my family) is!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Here's a sneak peek...

I survived! Barely! I'm anxious to share the wedding details, but I didn't take any pictures, I left that up to the photographers. For some reason I feel tongue tied without pictures. But all is not lost - I snagged a few from some friends/family on Facebook.

The reception was so Liesl! It was a party - carnival style! We had cotton candy, snow cones and popcorn...
(Thanks to my sister, Becky, for this amazing shot)

Liesl's cousins ran the machines. These little red aprons were the first projects we started and ended up being the last! They were simple until it came to the ties (which I had to make up). I put it off until the last Utah minute until my amazing sister, Cliss, drove up to Salt Lake to take them off my hands. She'll never know how much I appreciate her doing this for me!

The face painting was a big hit and we found the most amazing face painter in the Salt Lake Valley! She began before the reception started and stayed an extra hour - that's over 4 hours! Liesl even had her face painted.  

The wedding colors were red, pink and aqua. The bridesmaids wore a black dress of their own choice with red accents. Here's Friedrich and Louisa posing with a friend.

The cake was one of my favorite things about the reception! Liesl's Young Women's leader made it! We overheard some little kids asking each other if it was supposed to look like that.
(This is the guy I stole most of the pictures from)

And here's the lovely bride. The silly girl wanted to see the reception but she finally lost the glasses after one too many comments about her four eyes. Nevertheless, she was beautiful!

So, that's just a sneak peak - It was really a fun evening with lots of friends, family and FUN! One thing is for certain - I truly could not have done it without my amazing sisters and family! They came the night before and stayed until 2 am and took over and ran the reception so our family could visit and enjoy the evening. Then they stayed and cleaned up. They even cried with me. I love them so much!

Coming soon: Behind the scenes (where I get my hair colored using the church's kitchen sink) and more of the wedding and reception.