Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All About Brigitta

Have I mentioned that my children are disobedient? Well, take for example, Brigitta - in the last week he has gone from a little one digit to a double digit. That's right! Brig (let's call him that, shall we?) is a DECADE!

Shocks! Pegs! Lucky!

Brig got a new bike for his birthday. Traditionally, the boys get a b-b gun for their 10th birthday (if it sounds like we have a lot of traditions - well, we have a few. I've just got a lot of kids so it seems like more). But Brig really needed a new bike! And he loves it!

Brig kept asking when he was going to have his birthday party. I was supposed to go out of town this last weekend, so when it was canceled at the last minute, I told him - Saturday! So, Thursday I sat down to make the invitations... What to do? I can't have a party in the back yard - well, I could but between the dog poo and the sharp rock landscaping, it wouldn't be much fun. But do I really want a bunch of 10 year old boys in my house? I'm considering a park... but, what to do?
Then I opened up an e-mail from the Captain suggesting we could go to the Get Outdoors Day event being held at Tingley Beach. I love that name. It makes you think of a beach that's all fizzy and bubbly. I like this idea, so I make up the invitation and invite the kids to come with us or to bring their family and meet up with us to celebrate Brig's birthday. A couple of families met us them there (I was sick. I ended up staying home with the young'un while the Captain ran the show).

Can you say Brilliant?! Not the sickness - the party! It was the easiest party I've ever thrown. All I did was print up the invite, answer a couple of RSVP's and make cupcakes! Then everyone else did the work and the kids had a blast!

There was climbing!


 Remote control sailing!

 Face painting!

 More climbing! (we provided the pizza)

More climbing! (they provided the wall)

And a Tingley beach!

Friends to block the wind from blowing out the candles...

And friends to provide the gifts!

I'd say all I had to do was to show up, but I didn't even have to do that! Actually, I feel bad about that. It was a great day, or so I hear! And guess what else? They came home with the biggest treat bags full of frisbees, buttons, balls, pencils, bumper stickers, pedometers, and all kinds of trinkets that mom's just love! A couple of my friends even won drawings.

And here's the kicker - it's an annual event!

Happy Birthday Brig!

Click on link to find out more about national Get Outdoors month in your corner of the world and to plan your kid's next successful birthday bash! Did I mention it was all free?

Utah, you're not too late! June 19th is your Venture Outdoors Festival held in Millcreek Canyon!


Kristina P. said...

That Brigitta. So demanding!

Still cracks me up you call him that.

Nicole Marsh said...

How fun!! I think that I will go to the one in Utah this weekend.
Way to go on the easiest birthday party ever:) My mom will be jealous.

The Christensen Family said...

What a great idea!! I am sorry you had to miss it. I love reading your blog, I can hear your voice when I read the words and it always puts a smile on my face.

laurel said...

Seriously so cool! Love it. Every bit of it. Easy parties are my thing. Happy 10th!!!!!

I use to do big elaborate ones, they about killed me, so I started a rule at my house (much to the little ones dismay) that they only get b-days on the 4s. Like 4, 8, 12, 16 and then on 19.

Shara said...

Looks like it was a fun time. :)

In my high school German class, we had to pick a 'german' name, that we would be called from there on out by our teacher and classmates. Mine was Brigitta. :) It was actually kind of funny, but a little mean....Sha, and Daniel too, took it as well (different period, same teacher). So, Sha picked the name Britta. It drove Frau Jarl crazy because, at the time, we looked SO much alike - she got us confused all year long.